C-Panty, The After Cesarean Underwear?

Company: C-Panty

Product Description:

Surgical recovery is a reality for over one million C-section moms annually. Now they have C-Panty, The After Cesarean Underwear?, specifically designed to address post-Cesarean concerns including scarring, swelling, sensitivity, and discomfort.

C-Panty was developed by a two-time C-section mom with a team of therapists, surgeons, and other C-section moms. With a silicone interior for moisture retention and incision area compression to comfort and control swelling, C-Panty integrates techniques routinely prescribed by surgeons into an everyday underwear.

C-Panty?s premium nylon and spandex fabric provides the perfect amount of shaping and compression for support as well as comfort. Unlike abdominal binders that only compress the tummy or support panties with all over pressure, C-Panty is specifically focused on C-section recovery.

C-Panty's unique design addresses scarring that may occur after a C-section, while at the same time supporting, flattening, and comforting in one easy step. With a gentle waistband and a seamless, contemporary cut, C-Panty is the must-have item for all C-section moms!

Interesting Tidbits:

In 2008, C-Panty plans product line expansions with additional cuts and colors. For these as well as product purchasing, use guidelines, testimonials, and medical references about silicone, compression and scar management, please visit www.cpanty.com. C-Panty is made in the USA and uses patented technology in wound care and scar management.

Website: www.cpanty.com

Sold At: www.cpanty.com and at select stores

Retail Price: $20 - $75

Media Contact: Catherine Brooks

Email: info@cpanty.com

Address: PO Box 236

City: Solana Beach

State: CA

Zip: 92075

Phone: 858-212-1437

Fax: 858-703-4915



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