PJ?s Comfort? Breast Pump

Company: Limerick

Product Description:

What are the benefits of PJ's Comfort? Breast Pump?

? Sof-touch silicone cups with self-adjusting vacuum cycle control on pump closely imitate baby?s sucking action and rhythm
? Sof?touch silicone cups embraces all breast types and sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit with the universal "one-size fits all"
? Safe for multiple users
? 1-micron filter prevents fluids, bacteria and viruses from entering pump
? Built-in timer to help mother relax while pumping
? Safety features (timer) will indicate: vacuum build-up, filter occlusion, tube kinking, or excess internal temperature
? Instructional DVD and pamphlet included

Interesting Tidbits:

PJ's Comfort? is owned and operated by a phenomenal mother and daughter duo, Patricia Kelly and Joan Ortiz. A registered dietician and a registered nurse, the two are certified as Lactation Consultants. PJ?s Comfort? Breast Pump was designed with the help of the women in Limerick?s Workplace Lactation Program (WLP). The WLP is a company sponsored program that has three components: education, support, and PJ?s Comfort?.

PJ?s Comfort? was recognized by Fit Pregnancy Buyer?s Guide for 2007 and 2008. It also received the Iparenting award.

Website: www.limerickinc.com

Sold At: www.limerickinc.com

Retail Price: PJ?s Etc.: $525 - $725 / Workplace Lactation Program is designed to meet your company's culture. The workplace lactation program consists of 3 components: education, support, & PJ?s Comfort breast pump. Service provided nationally.

Media Contact: Patricia Kelly / Joan Ortiz

Email: patricia.kelly@limerickinc.com, joan.ortiz@limerickinc.com

Address: 2150 N. Glenoaks Blvd.

City: Burbank

State: CA

Zip: 91504

Phone: 818-566-3060

Fax: 818-566-1260



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